With an area of 1.2 million km2, Tibet is often referred to as the roof of the world. Its long enclosed land for thousands of years has preserved and developed its own unique style and created traditions, artefacts and philosophy that still amaze the world with its uniqueness. The land has been rich and untouched until the recent arrival of large machinery and industries that have interest in exploiting the landscape.


By closely examining Tibetan rituals and ceremonies, craft architectural designs that intricately reflect and respond to these social practices. Architectural spaces provide a physical backdrop for rituals, enhancing their emotional and spiritual impact. Rituals are the intangible threads weaving through the tapestry of culture. They encompass ceremonies, traditions, and symbolic practices that connect individuals to a shared sense of purpose and belonging.


We will take a close look at the materials used in the construction of buildings for thousands of years. Positions and ways in which materials are in dialogue with each other. The properties of materials will be used to the full to create spaces that inspire. Looking at contemporary material mines will give us an idea of what our structures could be made of.


We will start by looking at different kinds of Tibetan staircases and structures. Buildings that are build in the last fifty years and the ones that stand for century. Seeing how different geometries can move us with different speed, pace and feeling through the dynamic landscapes and spaces.

ASwell we will be inspired by the amazing fashion and the colourful, layered clothing that protects us from the cold winds and bright sun.


We will use archives, books, videos, maps, texts, artificial intelligence to support the design process. Geometric explorations with modelling, redrawing of ancient murals, free form drawings, gestural physical models will be turned into a comlex structures, that provide enclave for cultural traditions


We will meet for weekly studio days, where we will work on site in different formats and discuss the projects. There are also a variety of workshops waiting for you!

Course will be in English

First meeting on Thursday 7.03.2024 at 10:00 o clock in  ./studio3

Image Credit Vincent Hadschieff