Experimenting along artistic processes and investigating structural parallels between the arts and architecture opens up a transdisciplinary dialogue that can break down entrenched structures of seeing and thinking.



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The terrestrial laser scan, as a 3D imaging method, and the generated pointclouds serve as tools for expanding our perspective of space and revealing a location’s hidden attributes.

In addition to physical space, ./studio3 also explores virtual interactive spaces and collaborative, network-based crowd interactions and their impact on the architectural design decision-making process.

1:1 projects

Architecture thinks in terms of relations and communicates in terms of scale. Realized on a 1:1 scale, it has an immediate, even existential effect in everyday life, provoking reactions and statements in society, both physically and psychologically. Through 1:1 realized projects, teaching and research contents are to be evaluated in reality, which means that contents that are visualized in drawings are carried out.