./studio3 – ALL AT ONCE

Interacting with art, culture, media and technology, ./studio3 is pursuing a transdisciplinary approach, which tries to define design and conceptualization as epistemic practice, as an approach that researches architecture both from a scientific as well as an artistic perspective, in order to meet the complex challenges of our times in a creative way.

„all at once“ shows projects from students, that have been created within the artistic design courses over the last 15 years at ./studio3, supervised by various artists such as Michael Fliri, Anna Hatschepsut Huss, Rivka Rinn, Peter Senoner and Benjamin Zanon.

Edition: 300 pcs.
ISBN 978-3-200-08426-1


./studio3 – Institute for Experimental Architecture

Kathrin Aste, Ursula Pfligersdorffer, Verena Rauch

Kathrin Aste, Verena Rauch, Simone Rautschek, Teresa Stillebacher,
Nadine Huber, Laura Neubauer, Ursula Pfligersdorffer, Hannah Szechenyi

Graphic Design
Laura Neubauer, Ursula Pfligersdorffer, Hannah Szechenyi,
Julian Berger, Nadine Huber

Kathrin Aste, Volker Giencke, Karin Pernegger, Florian Waldvogel, Michael Fliri,
Anna Hatschepsut Huss, Rivka Rinn, Peter Senoner, Benjamin Zanon

Charlie Rathgeb-Weber