safari (zaˈfaːri) سفر Reise

A Multiplayer Exploration

safari [2019/20] is an experiment in networked drawing.


a group of over 60 students were asked to draw simultaneously on a single ‘canvas’. every person had their own set of ‘brushes’. a series of ‘games’ were performed, following different rule-sets, resulting in various 3 dimensional compositions



0:00 draw an elephant!

2:00 draw an aeroplane!

5:52 draw villa savoye!

9:30 expand the territory!

10:40 make yourself a house connected with two neighbors! 

12:45 cross to the other side!


each game additionally had time limitation [usually about 2 minutes] as well as resources limitation… but sometimes the players could steal from eachother…


 ./studio3: Valerie Messini, Damjan Minovski, Dominik Strzelec, Dominic Schwab