In Spring 2013, the ./studio3 (Institute for Experimental Architecture, Innsbruck) realized, in collaboration with the Heart of Noise Festival, the accessible architectural installation “./birdie – Cry baby!”.
Within only two months, 36 first-year students completed this 1:1 architecture project – from idea to conception, from a sketch to a built environment, from prototype to structure.
By developing the project ./birdie the students managed to transform an unused green space in the heart of the city into a visible and tangible new site. As a physical infrastructure, a stage and a conceptual space ./birdie evokes discussion about this specific urban site and public space in general.
75 truss joints and 270 steel tubes form the 16m long roof; 3 tons of steel were bolted to an irregular space frame; underneath a textile skin was stretched giving ./birdie its horizon.
The floor responds to the soft curve of the roof membrane with a slightly curved landscape, which was built using a simple planked wood stud construction. All elements were prefabricated by the students and assembled on site.
During the summer the students run the pavilion, initiate events and generate a new venue for everyone. When ./birdie illuminates and starts to sing, it acts as a magnet.
Local residents meet tourists, high culture meets subculture -./birdie is a vibrant interface, nestled in the middle of the ancient city ensemble of Innsbruck, with the Imperial Palace and the National Theatre.
If a passerby enters ./birdie they become the protagonist, ./birdie becomes the stage, the urban environment becomes the auditorium. While resting under the large translucent roof, one can see birdie breathing in the wind. And as the sunlight shines through, the shadows illuminate the complex construction behind it.
Only its 9 ground anchors prevent ./birdie from taking off.
“Space is only noise that you can see.” Nicolas Jaar

Designed and built by the students of the ./studio3 (institute for experimental architecture, Innsbruck)
Completed in June 2013 

./studio 3: Volker Giencke, Christian Dummer,  Andreas Hörl, Walter Prenner, Verena Rauch, Pia Sandner, Teresa Stillebacher

students: Baldauf Juliana, Basbuga Dilan, Bazzanella Ilenia, Beetz Barbara, Braun Tanja, Buchner Josef, Claßen Jan,  Coban Gülsüm, Dengg Harald, Enzinger Korbinian,  Fahrner Tim,  Gasser Christine , Geist Florian , Grießer Anja,  Halder Moritz, Hasani Merita, Heibach Brigitte, Hermann Leo, Homan Ann-Mari Monika, Kammerlander Peter, Kirchmair Andreas,  Kroiß Verena , Markl Martin , Moskvin Aleksey , Muller Gilles,  Munari Valentina,  Prieth Bernhard,  Roppelt Florian,  Schelkle Maximilian,   Schümann Malina,  Schwarz Charly,  Ster Svetlana,  Stoque Fabien,  Stremmel Carmen,  Turcan Ana,  Wenzel Moritz