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 The Social Media and the Self

It is  easier to understand the past then the possibility to realize what the present  is abouth .The  course will provide to each of the participant the support to find his  own way through artistic thinking  wit the medium of art. The social media is dominating our time  and our own definition. already far more influetial then what we are capable to understand. The students will be requested to take position to the consequences and all the aspects of social media and positioning theier  own life and self on the other side of the coin.

This will be the common starting point for all the group.

The aim of the course to enable the students to experience artistic process, to bring them closer to themselves through art  and even to discover themselves. To give them the tools express ideas ,feelings and thoughts in a way that  the art principe can do.

The course will begin 1-with theoretical introduction to contemporary art, including projection of works of leading contemporary artists in all the medium.

 2- indtroduction  to Art works related to  social media  and videos of the history of digital thinking.

Each student will develope his own idea for an art- project and will be individually consulted. Students will be able to choose in which medium they want to work : Painting, drawing, photographs, sculptures, video, mutimedia, readymade, sound or text.

The course will work as a group. Each idea will be shown and discussed by the group so that the participants will be able to  get closer and follow the process of theier collegues. At the end we will exhibit the works with the target to understand the works better and to  enhance them through pesentation and installation.

Parallel to the individelle process we will exercise common,experimental drawing such as  drawing and photograpy  in speed, drawing in the dark,or outdoors. Experiments related to social media,selfies, fake news etc.

During the course the students will get permanently e mail recommendations to updtodate articles, Videos, movies or exhibitions, concerning our theme.

Students will be able to communicate with me by e- mail, skype, for any question or sharings.

The course will be documented with a catalogue.



Being Digital

Nicholas Negroponte



The new Digital Age

Eric Smith, James Cohen



Roland Barthes

Camera Lucida


Susan Sonntag

On Photographie

Susan Sonntag

Regarding the Pain of the other


Paul Virilio

Speed and Politics


Paul Viriglio

War and Cinema


Walter Benjamin

The Work of art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction



Wilhelm Flusser

The shape of things: A Philosophy of design



Wilhelm Flusser

Towards the philosophy of Photography



Lewis Carrol

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland


1. Block: 12.-23.11.18

2. Block mit abschließender Ausstellung: 07.-18.01.19


Rivka Rinn


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WS 18-19


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12.11.2018, 15.00h bis 18.30h
16.11.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
19.11.2018, 15.30h bis 20.00h
20.11.2018, 15.30h bis 20.00h
23.11.2018, 15.30h bis 20.00h
07.01.2019, 11.00h bis 18.01.2019, 00.00h
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