INVITATION ./studio3 Virtual Exhibition Opening - MASTER YOUR DISASTER




Wir laden euch herzlich zur virtuellen Präsentation der Kurzentwerfen 2021 des ./studio3 ein! 




 Präsentation der Arbeiten von Studierenden des



Institut für Experimentelle Architektur,

Universität Innsbruck


   auf der social virtual reality - Plattform SANSAR.
Freitag, 23.04.2021 um 18:00 Uhr  





Einführende Worte: Univ. Prof. Arch.  DI Kathrin Aste
live DJ Set: BROOTWORTH (ghosttown)







 1. Besucht
Drückt “Join for Free”, um die Sansar App herunterzuladen und anschließend zu installieren
3. “SansarInstaller.exe” ausführen
4. Im Fall, dass der Computer nicht die Mindestanforderungen der Software erfüllt, kann man die Eröffnung im Livestream verfolgen - der Link dazu wird hier veröffentlicht!
5. Erstelle einen Charakter innerhalb Sansars
6. Besuche die Ausstellung über den folgenden Link:
(Wenn möglich, schließen Sie bitte Mikrofon und Lautsprecher an, um eine bessere Kommunikation mit anderen zu ermöglichen.)








Also, that an island is deserted must appear philosophically normal to us. Humans cannot live, nor live in security, unless they assume that the active struggle between earth and water is over, or at least contained. People like to call these two elements mother and father, assigning them gender roles according to the whim of their fancy.


They must somehow persuade themselves that a struggle of this kind does not exist, or that it has somehow ended. In one way or another, the very existence of islands is the negation of this point of view, of this effort, this conviction. … Islands are either from before or for after humankind.


But everything that geography has told us about the two kinds of islands, the imagination knew already on its own and in another way. The elan that draws humans toward islands extends the double movement that produces islands in themselves. Dreaming of islands—whether with joy or in fear, it doesn't matter—is dreaming of pulling away, of being already separate, far from any continent, of being lost and alone—or it is dreaming of starting from scratch, recreating, beginning anew. Some islands drifted away from the continent, but the island is also that toward which one drifts; other islands originated in the ocean, but the island is also the origin, radical and absolute. humans would have to reduce themselves to the movement that brings them to the island, the movement which prolongs and takes up the elan that produced the island. Then geography and the imagination would be one.  Gilles Deleuze


23.04.2021, 18.00h