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# See You At Home  - The Domestic Space As Public Encounter


See You At Home is an investigation on the private space and its meaning in times of ubiquitous connectivity and global pandemic crises.

Today, the domestic space can no longer be considered as an isolated one. Rather, it has become a transitory space that negotiates the ambiguous relationship between the home as a place of refuge and comfort, serving as an intimate archive for the preservation of identity and memory, and the home as an exhibition space, a node in a public and global network of the sharing economy that continuously trades personal data.

Under these conditions, our homes and houses are more than ever part of a multi-layered public sphere that has profound implications for our relationship with the built environment we inhabit and enact daily.

See You At Home is an installation of an ongoing participatory project that reflects on our everyday domestic life between private and public spheres, and thus on our relationship with living spaces in general. The project consists of a collection of hundreds of three-dimensional documents from domestic moments and homely memories taken between 2019-2021 in more than 40 different countries during the most intense periods of self-isolation and home confinement.



The Exhibition was made in collaboration with 3D-Research Team from the Chair of Architecture and Art, Prof. Karin Sander, ETH Zürich.





Datum: 24. September 2021 – 29. Oktober 2021

Ort: Zürich Hönggerberg HIL F 48 Exhibition space MARIA HIL F

Kooperation: Professur für Architektur und Kunst ETH Zürich und ./studio3 -

Institut für experimentelle Architektur, Universität Innsbruck


24.09.2021, 08.00h bis 29.09.2021, 18.00h