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SK Künstlerisches Gestalten


Talking Heads


The course will concentrate  on artistic approach to the theme people talking to each other in real life or  ppl talking and communicating in the virtual world,  as in social media,mass media, in movies, literature or songs.whatsapps,fake news etc.

The students will be requested to make thaughts abouth what means communication today? and how to express artistically  theier own world and existance while talking to each other.

The aim of the course is to increase the awareness of  the students  and to sensibilize  obesrvation towards theier 

surrounding and who are the  others ?who is the self?
The course wish to provide the participants , artistic tools to exress  themselves:thaughts,feeling or ideas.  Discovering  new fields and enhance conciousness abouth the reality we are living in real time..

The course will begin with introduction to contemporay art , screening important artworks  directly to the theme of the course,  presenting  the use of techniks to make art.These to connect the students  to the way the medium of art is thinking,

In the first meeting students will bring 200-300 photos,free assosiations abouth people talking to each other.These will be analized by me and the group and will serve as a base  (Ausgangspunkt) to the choise of an artistic  project of each student in: Painting,drawing,photography,ready made,video,Multi media installation,Text sound.sculpture.

The projects will be be chosen individually and will be followed and discussed by the group so that each student will be able to observe how the others  are developing theier  ideas beside theier own..

The process of creating  artistic projects will  be completed in an exhibition   to enabe the right installation and location  as  the last step of the of a realisation of an art work.The exhibition will be docummented in a catalogue.

During the course students will exercise experimental drawings among others  drawing in speed, out and indoors.

Students will  constantly get via e mail  ,videos,interviews,artikles relevant to the course.


A list of recommended books will be sent at the beginning of the course



Roland Barthes

Camera Lucida



Susan Sonntag

On Photographie

Susan Sonntag

Regarding the Pain of the other



Paul Virilio

Speed and Politics

Paul Viriglio

War and Cinema



Walter Benjamin

The Work of art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction



Wilhelm Flusser

The shape of things: A Philosophy of design

Wilhelm Flusser

Towards the philosophy of Photography



Victor Burgin

Thinking Photography



Eric Schmidt &Jared Cohen

The New Digital Age



Nicholas Ganz

Street Massages


Rivka Rinn


WS 17-18


13.11.2017, 15.00h bis 18.00h
17.11.2017, 11.00h bis 18.00h
Foyer Architektur EG
20.11.2017, 15.30h bis 19.00h
21.11.2017, 15.30h bis 19.00h
24.11.2017, 11.00h bis 12.00h
09.01.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
12.01.2018, 15.00h bis 18.00h
15.01.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
16.01.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
19.01.2018, 10.00h bis 18.00h