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SK Künstlerisches Gestalten


The course will concentrate on the visibility of the urbanic landscape compared to layers of feelings thaughts/ towards experiences (Erlebnisse) which are behind the skylines or within the architecture or the institution.

The title is inspired by the book of Italo Calvino "Invisible Cities" which I highly recommend.The aim is to sharpen both the visible and unvisible in our reality.

The course starts with an introduction to contemporary art from Marcel Duchamps ,Andy Wahrhol until young contemporary artists like Sarah Tze or Gursky (among others). The lecture includes projections of contemporary artworks by young artist . The students will be requested to experiment by taking photos as their first associative reaction to the topic of the course.This will serve a base to understand their interest, helps to develope a concept and to decide which technik will be the best to express their idea.The works will be analyzed and discussed by the whole group in an individual way and will be curated by me until the final. The Final Project can be done in painting, Drawing,Photography,Sculptures,Installations,Video Text or sound. The course will end up with a final exhibition which is an exercise of how to install the works in the best way. We will also do speed drawings, indoors and outdoors.

To our first meeting every student is requested to choose their favorite book or poem.


Rivka Rinn


848276 Sonderkapitel künstlerisches Gestaltung


WS 16-17