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Künstlerisches Gestalten


Within and Outside the Crowd


The course will focus on the position of an individual within and outside a group or a crowd  and how to give a shape to  thoughts, feelings  and ideas concerning this issue.

The aim of the course is to enhance the awareness or  the unawareness of being part of the society and the definition of a personal position in such.To measure  how much our existence consists of being part of or  when are we alone? The couse wish to give the students opprtunity to experience doing art. Translating theier reality to artistic language.

To enter an artistic process the course will begin with a brief introduction to contemporary art.The lecture will include screening of works and videos of significant artworks which are  relevant to the theme of the course.

in the first meeting ,students will be requested to bring spontanious 200-300  Photos representing their thoughts and capturing situations and ideas abouth "within or outside the crowd",This will be analyzed and discussed in the group and by me and will serve as the first step to the dialogue of developing an artistic project.
Students will decide and will be consulted individually which is the techtic to express themselves: Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video, Installations, ready- made, sound text or multimedia, sculpture.

The process of realizing an art project will be followed by me and will be discussed and analized with the  all the participants of the group.

The course will be concluded  with an exhibition  and catalogue.Students will experience an artistic process which includes realisation exhibitibg and catalogue as the last step.


The students will get list of recommended  books and will be updated with documentaries,interviews and articles Essays (You Tube ).



Roland Barthes

Camera Lucida



Susan Sonntag

On Photographie

Susan Sonntag

Regarding the Pain of the other



Paul Virilio

Speed and Politics

Paul Viriglio

War and Cinema



Walter Benjamin

The Work of art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction



Wilhelm Flusser

The shape of things: A Philosophy of design

Wilhelm Flusser

Towards the philosophy of Photography



Victor Burgin

Thinking Photography



Eric Schmidt &Jared Cohen

The New Digital Age



Nicholas Ganz

Street Massage


Rivka Rinn


WS 17-18


13.11.2017, 11.00h bis 14.00h
14.11.2017, 11.00h bis 18.00h
20.11.2017, 11.00h bis 14.30h
21.11.2017, 11.00h bis 14.30h
24.11.2017, 09.30h bis 10.30h
08.01.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
12.01.2018, 11.00h bis 14.00h
15.01.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
16.01.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
19.01.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h