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Künstlerisches Gestalten


"That which is dreamed can never be lost,never be undreamed"

Neil Gaimann "The Sandmann"


Bitte beachtet folgendes für das nächste Treffen:

What is real What is imaginative? How real are our dreams? How real is our  perception of reality? What is the difference between the flow of thoughts while sleeping and the way of thinking while awake?

These will be our main concern in the course.


The aim of the course is to sharpen our conciousness through an artistic way of research. Art as  a challenge that enhance our sensibility and  awareness of our surroundings.

How can we express our feeling, experience, thoughts, or political state of mind through an artistic language.

and at the same time how can we give it a form or what ist the form that expresses what we want to say.

The course will begin with an introduction to contemporary art of the last century projecting significant works including videos and the young scene of today.

The students will be requested to bring 200-500 photos  concerning the topic "day dreams and night dreams". Out of their free choice and feeling this will lead to the first dialogue to find out what the massage is and what the right technic to express the ideas will be

Each students photo-series will be analyzed and discussed in the whole the group.

IT is not a photography course. It`s about using photographs  as (Drawings before) as preparation for the final choice of work and technic.

During the course the students wil get input of artists texts of music interviews (You Tube) or books of theory or litteraut eas inspiration and thoughts. For example Sigmund freud dreams theory

The final work can be expressed in technics as : Paintings,drawings,sculptures,Installations,Video,Mix media, sound or texts.

Each project will be curated individually by me with adds of the students comments and observations.

The course will include a final exhibition in which the students will be able to choose the optimal space to their results.

In our meetings we will exercise in experimental drawing.

All the participants will be ask to bring one or two dreams which they find significant or impressiv.





Im Internet und Wörterbücher recherchieren über Definitionen von "Träume"

Alice in Wunderland "Louis Carol" zu lesen oder der Walt Disney Version anschauen.

Sigmund Freund; Über die Träume.


Rivka Rinn


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